Guess the sound challenge🎵

6 Jun 2021
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  • こりゃ面白いw

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  • Aku tebak lagu yang ke dua itu lagu ultah

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  • Cute Cat and Baby Hen Status

    Huma,s CreationHuma,s Creation2 jam yang lalu

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  • Oh my God I wish I can do that that looks so fun I love you guys so much and I'll see you guys on your comments by

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  • Its sexist, everytime she wins, and he loses.

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  • Thank you for supporting me. I love Indonesia. the people are good. nice and friendly. i love you indonesia .🇵🇭💖🇮🇩...

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  • Why are girls better than boys in your challenges?

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  • "discover something that doesn't exist" the language 90% of the people here speak

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    • bad marks for the guy and 100/100 marks for the girl OMG👏👏 WOW👌👌

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    • Nyasar ke Indonesia videonya!:-)

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